Living Your Life Purpose

Through Mapping and Manifesting Your Living Blueprint: The Operating Manual For Your Life

2.5 day workshop with Lauren Jubelirer

  • Would you like to feel more magic, clarity and sense of life purpose in your life?
  • Would you like to experience greater compassion for self and others?
  • Would you like to be able to quickly identity and clear core sabotaging patterns?

Using an ancient and proven system based on birth archetypes, Lauren expertly helps you unlock and activate the hidden inner blueprint that aligns with your passion, mission and purpose. This workshop will help you experience accelerated growth in alignment with your soul’s intent. We will also quickly identify and clear any of your core sabotaging patterns.

When we align with our soul’s purpose we are filled with clarity, purpose and magic. Therefore, it is easier to free ourselves from the old patterns that have limited our true expression.

“This work has offered me insight into parts of myself that nothing else has ever addressed and continues to support me in knowing myself better as I bear witness to the unfolding unknown.” ~Sabine Mead, Movement Educator

In Mapping & Manifesting Your Living Blueprint: The Operating Manual for Your Life, you will learn about the 3 main archetypes you are working with in this life:

  1. Your Lineage or Moon Position: You know this as your innate strengths and where your resistance to may change come from
  2. Emerging Feminine or Masculine Identity or Venus/Mars Position: This is what you are longing to express and be known for
  3. Your Current Life Mystery School or Ascendant: This is where your leading edge for growth lies and what you long to master

Using art, drama, movement and storytelling, we will awaken the archetypal energies wanting to express through you. We will also clear obstructions that prevent you from living your life purpose. By the end of the weekend you will be able to clearly articulate and align with your life purpose and leave with a map of Your Living Blueprint.

If you are ready to align with your life purpose more deeply than ever before by engaging your playfulness, creativity, and sense of joy, then contact me!