Lauren Jubelirer is a uniquely gifted healing practitioner filled with in-depth knowledge, compassion and joy that she generously shares with her patients. I so appreciate the way she listens with her whole being. Her Shamanic healing work is essential and profound. I’ve experienced remarkable results with this work in combination with acupuncture and other modalities she offers. Most notably results were the immediate resolution of a chronic hip problem and rebalanced blood sugar, after being hypoglycemic my entire life. As important, my nervous system is settling down to a new level of ease, and I’m experiencing greater connection to my joyful inner Self and self-love. Her ongoing guidance, coaching and loving support have been invaluable.
—Lisa Joy Mitchell, Author of Sacred & Delicious

Lauren Jubelirer goes straight to the higher intelligence of my soul in her readings. The material is so rich I must give space and time to digest just how thorough she is in calibrating the complexity of my beingness.  Recording them is necessary, as it is in repeated listening that I can fully absorb my unique blend of qualities as interpreted by the purest soul of Lauren. This is an essential “must” that you want to give yourself. It’s not ‘just’ astrology… it is delivered by a divinely creative feminine intelligence through Lauren Jubelirer. In devoted friendship and sisterhood –
—Caroline Muir, Author and Creator of Divine Feminine Awakening

Lauren has been a major contributor to my balancing my life after a tragedy in my life that led me to despair, grief, and related debilitating physical manifestations that were making my life unbearable.  I went searching for answers and friends made recommendations for a number of types of healers that might  help me.  As soon as I had my first session with Lauren I realized that she was intuitively understanding what I needed.  She has been amazing in using her skills to hone in on what I needed and when.  I can truthfully say that she’s made a profound difference in my life and mind.  I can’t recommend her more highly.  My circumstance might have been extreme, but as I’ve started to balance my life Lauren has also been instrumental in providing a peace and understanding that so much makes everyday and stress manageable.  I feel whole again.  Thanks, Lauren!
—Alicia Paladin

My Living Blueprint  Astrology session with Lauren was life-changing. Her caring nature and depth of knowledge created a sense of safety and comfort that enabled me to dive in with trust and curiosity. Lauren combines her breadth of skills into a truly unique offering that is accessible and incredibly insightful. She can help you find the tools and strengths within yourself to live out your fullest potential. I highly recommend Lauren to help navigate your journey!
—Kaitlin June, Dancer, Musician, Performer

Lauren’s Your Living Blueprint astrological readings have been invaluable in offering me an in depth perspective to the greater movements of events and experiences in my life. Lauren’s ability to be incredibly articulate as well as weave complexities and layers of metaphysical information is truly a honed art. The unique language of Shamanic Astrology is grounded in archetype and symbol, a language Lauren has cultivated and practiced for many years. She is gifted at guiding many people through difficult life passages and transitions. Personally, her work has offered me insight into parts of myself that other systems of Astrology never addressed. The readings I receive continue to support me in knowing myself better and helping me bear witness to the unfolding unknown.
—Sabine Mead, Movement Educator

This was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I learned in a very deep experiential way about “how I am wired” due to this powerful yet simple system. I felt so alive, like I was being seen for the first time.
—Carol Ann Ciocco, Astrologer

My readings with Lauren helped me find greater clarity and healing during a decade of intense personal changes and challenges. The guidance I received helped me find the most positive outcomes possible and to experience how my challenges were doorways into expanded healing and wellness. I have become a healthier, happier, more conscious creator, capable of working with my personal strengths and weaknesses and aware of the numinous energy of transformation available in every moment. Thank you, Lauren, for your Spiritual midwifery!!
—Shari Rose, Massage Therapist and Interfaith Minister

This is a fantastic system that clearly shows my clients’ life purpose and biggest obstacles. Every time I explain it to them, they have an emotional response:  They cry, they laugh, they sigh. They ALWAYS recognize themselves in it and express how they wish they had understood it before. It just makes everything so easy—it’s RIGHT THERE! It’s their blueprint!
—Ariana Ayu, Bodacious Branding and Business Coach

Game Changing! This has transformed my life and business. It provides done-for-you tools and strategies that are quick and easy to master as well as apply immediately… I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for a personal AND professional breakthrough system that will help you reach new levels of success.
—Peter A Klein, Business Coach and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Hire