Current Audios

Lauren is pleased to share several audio files:

Click here for a six minute audio describing what to expect in an astrology reading:

Your Living Blueprint is based on Shamanic Astrology, an evolving wisdom stream sourced by Daniel Giamaro.

Below is a link to a short 22 minute audio outlining our archetypal moment in history and the specific astrological energies that emerged in early 2016.

Our Archetypal Moment in History


More audio files:

Astrological Energies for 2018  (36:34) – January 2018
The Magic of Winter Solstice  (61:26) – December 2017
Diving Deep with the Fierce Feminine (43:49) – November 2017
The Great American Eclipse Talk  (33:32) – August 2017
Solstice Guided Healing Journey  (18:56) – June 2017