Current Audios

Lauren is pleased to share several audio files:

Click here for a six minute audio describing what to expect in an astrology reading:

(5:54) — Your Living Blueprint is based on Shamanic Astrology, an evolving wisdom stream sourced by Daniel Giamaro.

Below is a link to a short 22 minute audio outlining our archetypal moment in history and the specific astrological energies that emerged in early 2016.

Our Archetypal Moment in History


More audio files:

Full Moon Astrological Talk, October 2016:


Solstice: Walking in Beauty During Chaotic Times, December 2016


Astrological Cycles of 2017, January 2017


Personal Healing Experience, January 2017


Awakening the Warrior Goddess, March 2017


Libra Full Moon and more, April 2017


Summer Solstice Astrology Talk, June 2017


Solstice Guided Healing Journey, June 2017


The Great American Eclipse Talk, August 2017