AstroConstellations is a healing process that invokes our deepest inner knowing.
Lauren draws from her extensive experience as an astrologer to assist us
in experiencing the living embodiments of the archetypes as they
express in our lives. This work brings to life the dynamic interaction
between the archetypal forces and creates a healing space for the
resolution of inner conflict as well as embodiment of our inner divinity.
This process will assist you in directly accessing the healing wisdom of
your archetypal inner creation team as described by
Your Living Blueprint Astrological Soul Map.

✴ Would you like to feel more magic, clarity and sense of
purpose in your life?
✴ Would you like to experience greater compassion for self and
✴ Would you like to be able to quickly identity and clear core
sabotaging patterns?

Core sabotaging patterns will be clearly identified and you will experience
accelerated growth in line with your soul’s intent. Using an ancient and
proven system based on birth archetypes, Lauren expertly accesses your
unique inner blueprint that aligns with your PASSION, MISSION, and

“This work has offered me insight into parts of myself that nothing else has ever
addressed and continues to support me in knowing myself better as I bear witness to
the unfolding unknown.” ~ Sabine Mead, Movement Educator

Price is on a sliding scale, $150 – $300.

If you are ready to deeply align with your life purpose by engaging your
playfulness, creativity, and sense of joy, contact Lauren at or call 919.360.0670.