Your Living Blueprint makes it possible for us to identify the fundamental design of our soul’s original blueprint—quickly mapping our personal energetic matrix, life purpose and emerging destiny. Aligning our lives with this unique blueprint can be essential to navigating this current era of rapidly accelerating change and spiritual awakening. Each and every one of us is being asked to let go of our outdated belief systems, self-limiting habits and addictions, and unconscious projections. As we more fully embrace our soul’s blueprint, we find it a lot easier to intuitively express our birthright—a deeper sense of aliveness, authenticity and magic.
—Lauren Jubelirer

Lauren Jubelirer is delighted to offer Your Living Blueprint astrological readings to anyone who is ready to powerfully realign themselves with their soul’s fundamental blueprint. Lauren also leads weekend workshops that facilitate the full integration of daily life and practice with the innate design of each participant’s individual soul’s blueprint. Whenever it is timely and appropriate, Lauren can support your evolving journey of ongoing self-discovery and empowerment with a series of individual coaching sessions.

Lauren’s current service offerings include:


Your Living Blueprint Attunements do not seek to predict future events. They provide authentic guidance for understanding your fundamental life purpose and for making more conscious personal decisions that align with and resonate with your soul’s original blueprint.

Activate and align with your life purpose by understanding your innate gifts and current life intent. Plus, find out what time it is for you and how best to consciously work with your personal initiation cycles.
Sessions include:
  • 90 minute session covering Birth Archetypes and Personal Life Cycles
  • Session recorded and emailed MP3 audio – listen as often as you want!
  • Your Living Blueprint Map with Key to print and keep
  • Bonus 20 minute follow up call
$225 for a first time reading, $175 for yearly follow up.
Click here for a six minute audio describing what to expect in an astrology reading:

(5:54) — Your Living Blueprint is based on Shamanic Astrology, an evolving wisdom stream sourced by Daniel Giamaro.

To schedule a reading, please contact Lauren either through laurenjube@gmail.com or by phone:  919.360-0670. Send your birth information, date, time (as close as possible) and place of birth — along with any questions you would like us to discuss.


  • Living Your Life Purpose
  • Relationship Magic and the Sacred Marriage
  • Cycles of Change and Initiation
  • Opening to Guidance and Healing
  • Spirit Medicine Circle

For more information about attending future events or about scheduling a workshop on these topics, please contact Lauren at laurenjube@gmail.com or by phone: 919.360.0670.


Lauren hosts monthly Bliss Café acupuncture and sound healing events in Chapel Hill, NC.

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